Thank You


Today I’m posting my 100th sketch (^_-)-☆

Just want to say Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog,Thank you so much for your kind comments and thank you so much for following this blog.I really appreciate all of you and it is a good reason,power for me to sketch everyday ,thinking maybe would make someone happy ,warm feeling or smile (^_^)

Thank you all again and I will continue to sketch everyday…..



22 responses to “Thank You

  1. and what a wonderful way to do it!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome….

  2. What a great thank you design, so full of life!

  3. Thank you i mean شكراً لك
    what a wonderful thank you painting with all languages! thats nice from you
    to write thank you with Arabic ! WELL DONE violeski(:

  4. what a nice roses violetski!

  5. I am enjoying every day to see your sketch. I want to help few more words, in Spanish, “gracias” and Bahasa Indonesia, “terima kasih”, in Dutch “bedankt”,, 謝謝 in Chinese.

  6. I love seeing your sketches everyday, so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  7. colorfulness and joy in life jumps out of your posts, that’s what I like about it!
    keep going 😉

  8. I enjoy your posts very much! Keep them up, please!

  9. Seriously, I envy that you can sketch almost every day 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy following.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate (^_^)
      Sketching is one of my daily schedule (^_^)
      30 minutes everyday! It’s a big fun for me \(^o^)/

  10. Amazing! How I have dreamed of seeing more of your artistry as now that I have a real job, I um, need to do actual work instead of reveling in your colorful works… so my apologies! I’m like two weeks behind in catching up with everyone… oy!!! And congrats on your 100th! May there be many, many more! By the way, did you ever take lessons or read something helpful? I did have art classes, but didn’t learn techniques like yours. Feel free to share… 😀


    • Thank you so much Pink for your lovely comment❤ First of all I’m so happy about your job and wish you success (^_^)v 
      actually I’ve love to draw from when I was a kid!!!!! satrted drawing by pastel and oil colour when I was student. I loved to draw details so started drawing by coloured penciles! but I get tired!!!from details and just wanted to sketch quickly ,speedy . So I took some classes but none of them were my favourite becuase I had to copy my teacher’s drawing and I hated it so quit!!!.
      So just keeping my style and even it is not perfect in perspective or even techniques ,but I have fun with it and honestly I just enjoy when I’m playing with colours!!!
      About books ,I read about perspective(which is vanishing point!) and sometimes colours .
      I think technique will come by practicing only and technique will turn to your style one day! Don’t worry about techinique and just enjoy ,have fun when you are drawing(^_-)-☆

      • How amazing you are. I’ve been so traumatized from the last art class experience, that your journey of courage TOTALLY inspires me to buy a pack of dry chalk pastels ASAP and just get started with free abandon. Wow. Sniffle. You’re sooo amazing. Thank you for reminding me of what my friend said too, just to do it. Draw, find your channel and express yourself in it. I can’t express how much your words mean to me as I was so close to just abandoning art and returning the black portfolio I bought with initial enthusiasm. Thank you for being such a wonderful art-spiration 😀 Hugs and much love to you. I am so blessed to know you. Sniffle 😀


      • Thank you forsuch a lovely reply,Pink!
        Ah! I’m glad that my opinion could help ! Good luck and jsut have fun❤

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