This is my husband chair. When he bought it ,he was dreaming how it is nice to sit on that ,relax or even take a short nap! But it was just a dream ! Because  our cat find it so comfortable place to take a nap !!!!!

So now ,maybe its better to say: This is my CAT chair!!!

4 responses to “Chair

  1. Our [same] chair, has the exact same story. Only difference is our …dog owns it! What can you do? After all, THEY are the bosses! Love the drawing.

  2. Thank you so much Marina for your charming comment and for visiting my blog everyday.I’m really appreciate.
    Hahhaha,same story! How funny! Yes ,you are right. They are bosses (^o^)

  3. Lol our new kitten already rules our house and my chair, shes only 10 weeks old. So there’s not much hope for the safety of my seat is there 🙂

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