Rose Du Barry(Rose Pompadour)


I grow various English or French roses in my little garden. This season is the best time to enjoy them .

Here is what i got for today.Rose du barry or Rose Pompadour, French rose .By cultivation and  hybridizing the number of petals is greatly increased and the natural perfume enhanched.


8 responses to “Rose Du Barry(Rose Pompadour)

  1. Wow !!! Perfect, just like a picture !!! Good job !!

  2. Beautiful rose! Your blog inspires me to do more art work. I have given you a blog award, which you can pick up at my blog:

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment ,Judith. I really appreciated .
      Also thank you for introducing such a interesting
      Looking forward too see your works❤

  3. Sorry, I gave the wrong link for the blog award. This is the correct link

  4. Wow blog award, that’s impressive, congratulations and love the rose!

  5. I think water color is much more difficult that oils and acrylic. Thanks visit my blog. Lot of talented artists here.

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